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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Saying bye-bye to blogger's block...!

HELLO!!! Ho ho ho ho ha!(that was a big , big Santa Claus like hello , lol!)
Hope you all had a wonderful christmas...!
Now , there is something serious that I wanna talk about.I have noticed that..................................
I have been blogging lesser and lesser.
Earlier I was like really busy plus internet at home wasnt working!
Although now , I'm suposed to be busier cos of my upcoming exams but somehow I always find the time to surf the internet and read blogs .
But I do not write a post for my blog and i have loads to write about. Maybe its because of the fact that I'm can be really lazy at times or maybe its writer's blockthat I've finally encountered or maybe I'm just so bored of this candy-pink template or maybe its something else.....
(I'm scared of specualting out loud that maybe , maybe the enthusiasm has lost a bit of its initial spark)

I remember how , when I had initially started blogging , I would post an entry twice or thrice a week.And well , its a fortnight today ...and no new posts...!

It makes me think of why I had started this blog in the first place. There were lots of things that prompted me to start blogging .
#1 I love writing and I write well. (Ok ,I definitely do not epitomise modesty ..ha!)
#2 Writing is cathartic for me.
#3 I thought it would be a fun way of recording events in my life.
#4 Sooo many other people had a blog....and it was cool. Hey, now dont go screaming "copy cat" ok? cos I was inspired by other bloggers , I did not copy them .

I also always kept reprimanding Yashika and Neha when they wouldn't update their blogs for too long.And sadly , I now feel like I've lost the right to do so. But i shall still scold you.
Guys , UPDATE your blogs for goodness' sake.
And I'm also reminded of how I'd feel when some of my favorite blogs wouldn't be updated for a long time.Sorry to make you guys feel like that every time you visit my page these days.

But no , I have now decided. I shall blog often.I will blog often. I will definitely blog often enough to fill you in with my endless random rantings and emotional , angry outbursts and tummy aches and freaky people and my poetry and weird dreams and on and on and on......I dont have to hyperlink everything silly..I know you're smart enough to locate the archives .Ha ha.
So since its taken me considerable amount of my precious time , especially when I'm supposed to be studying , so I sincerely hope these links shall keep you entertained in case I fail to stick to my decision about blogging more frequently.
Now , don't worry. I shall be back very soon.Expect a post regarding new year's and well, till then take care and enjoy the remainder of 2006 !!!


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