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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Aaaah! Why me yaar ..why me..?

Now now... this post shall be about something that ails me soo much...to the extent that I am virtually frightened of it..ok so... dear T hold your breath.... yeh you guessed it right......its my stomach, people its my stomach...! yes...Now I think, that a stomach ache is a thing to be most feared of...forget nuclear wars ..forget global warming...forget just about everything....tummy aches are the worst of 'em all.. I shall now take this oppurtunity to highlight a few tummy aches that plague most of us.....

tummy ache #1 Now this is the ache that happens jus like that ok..without any rhyme or reason...just comes without warning .One fine day u're feeling nice and happy..and suddenly this ache comes on like a huge monster and ruins it all....so in this kinda condition all u can do is(read all I do is) crib and cry , to the extent that everyone around me really wishes that I get better,with my mom going on and on about how effective pudin hara is and how I must either take it or stop complaining.

tummy ache #2 Now this is the ache where you can actually blame your bad eating habits ok..not that mine are any good... :p..So well this causes extreme distress....along with frequent visits to the loo ..so basically all you can do is deprive yourself of all spicy, yummy indian dishes and consume only foods which I would call "baby foods" you know..all the khichdi and porridge ...minus the pickles...

tummy ache #3 Now now T be patient... I know you're waiting for this one...yeh yeh so last but not the least is the tummy ache that plagues us (read lovely young ladies) during that time of the month....So this is the time that every girl who has a bad bad tummy cramp cries and screams and throws lousy tantrums and rolls on the bed literally wanting to die and escape it all, curses everything n everyone..and just sulks.....and in extreme cases pukes and just wonders"Oh god why me... why me..?" For me...no painkiller is effective enough ...so here I am discovering my own techniques to get rid of that nasty pain....techniques which include..drinking a chilled, very chilled thums-up ....NOT takin any pudin hara(cos I always find it ineffective plus it leaves a bad taste in my mouth (read pudin hara flavored burps......eeks!)) another thing that I do is talk to T ...now T listens to me cribbing and crying..listens to me ranting about how I may not survive this severe severe pain....so this is , well, a typical conversation that T and I would have....

Me: Hello, T..?
T: hiiiiiii wats up..?
Me: aaaaaaaaaaaaah ...! why me yaar why me..? aaaaah!
T: ab kya hua....? tummy ache ? head ache..? koi aur ache? (I usu. call T and crib abt my various aches...)
Me: I have only one stomach and that too hurts like hell!
T: haan haan mere to chaar chaar stomachs hain naa..!
Me: you cow!!! (I burst out laughin, momentarily forgetting about the excruciating pain..)
Me: oh T....my stomach.....! I think I may not live to see tomorrow......it hurts thaaaaat bad...!
T: why dont u have some medicine...?
Me: (Now I have the propensity to avoid taking medicines no matter what...unless of course my mom forces a pill down my throat..) arre nahi yaar....kaun uthega aur kaun medicine lega.. chodo yaar...!! aaaah!
T: toh aas paas kisiko bolo ki medicine laa de...
Me: arre kisko boloon.....koi aas paas nahi hai..
T: where's the medicine kept?
Me: next room/ my bedside
T: OH GOD ...!!!! WHY DONT U GO HAVE SOME MEDICINE! else dont cry yaar.....(assumes a gentler tone...) look why dont u listen to your i-pod..?
Me: haaan...that might help...
Now me and all those who are affected by severe tummy aches at that time of the month , really pray that we wont have to go through it during exams ....so this is another converstaion I had with another friend of mine...
Me: hello.., ..P? aaah!
P: arre kya hua...?
Me: ab to kuch nahi ho sakta...!!!! aaah!
P: oh I see....
Me: why me yaar ..? why me ..?
P: I know....real sad..!
Me: I dont even feel like eating anything.....all these damn painkillers are sooo ineffective......
P: I know verry sad..! stomach ek usme bhi ache....(heehee)
Me n P: hahahaaaaaaa
Again i momentarily forget about my pain....

Now one thing that can ruin any trip is a bad stomach ache.....imagine sitting in the train opposite your mum....with a nasty tummy ache for company and all you can do is cry silently and give your mom I'm-your-baby-you're-supposed-to-make-this-pain-vanish-look , lest your wails and screams and tantrums become a source of entertainment for other passengers.....
And well the story goes on.....

PS: and yeah cows do have 4 stomachs ..

PS: hey T thanks yaar..for listening to me crib and cry and complain over the phone for hours about how I feel.......

PS:I write this post with my ear not feeling too well...Aaaaah!

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TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2006

PS: i accidentally deleted this post ..so guys please put up your comments again...!


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