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Peaceful LIFE.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Of extreme melodrama , histrionics , theatrics and tummy aches!!

Today....today , ppl today i would have happily given up my life....yes..thats right...i now can say very confidently that
tummy aches rule my life!
why? why me?????
Why not that horrible , super-pretentious , obnoxious girl? why me?
All u girls with zero period cramps - GET LOST!
and all of u guys --- i dont even wanna talk abt you! HUH!
excruciating tummy ache + cramps + scorching jaipur sun = a defeated , dejected me

Today i reach namru's place (late as usual) and chanky were already waiting .
I come wearing one of my favorite salwar kurtas ---

me :~big silly grin ~

chanky: ~returns big silly grin ~

namru: ~looks stupidly at 2 big silly gals with big silly grins plastered on their big silly faces~

namru: itni jaldi aa gayi?

me:~big silly grin ~

chanky: ab chal jaldi chal

namru: gaadi band kar aur aa dio pe baith ja

me: nahi nahi not today ~i sharmao and start batting my lashes~

I know , I know , I am such a namuna...

namru : kyon kya hua?

me: aaj salwar kurta pehna hai..car mein chal....

namru/chanky: abbe chup kar...heroine mat ban...jaldi aa

me: ~big silly grin~ ok

I then take my stuff ...check the handbrake, the lights ,gears...hmmm...satisfied i lock the car...and proceed....

me :~ hands flailing in all directions, i start runnin~....ruko ruko....mera mobile car mein reh gaya
I run , unlock the car , take my cell phone and run back to namru n chanky .

me:haan ab chalo....sab le liya

How silly i was...how naïve...how unwise.....
sab le liya huh!
How was i to know that the excruciating , horrible , terrifying , nightmarish tummy ache #3 would strike......evoking cries of "OMG why me? why me?"
I forgot painkillers...yes....i did .
Tummy ache #3 descends and leaves me clutching my tummy , goin.....OMG the painkiller that i always carry how ...how could i forget abt it?????
Hey bhagwan ...yeh kya ho gaya????
No , no...pls pls let this pain vanish.......
From one place to another....having considered and dismissed thoughts of goin for a movie..we finally land up at GT....for those of you who dont know....GT's the place which has everything frm shoppers stop to McDonald's to Big Shoppers and CCD and blah blah blah ..with mocha across the road...
I am still clutchin my stomach in pain.....but sumhow i still manage to comb my hair....check my self in the mirror and look stunning... ha!
After goin here n there....we finally end up at McDonald's...

me: aaaaaaah!!!! kya karun main...kya karoon??????

chanky: sab theek ho jayega ~melodramatic hindi movie ishtyle~

me: i think i may not live to see tomorrow....

chanky: shakes her head.....~again melodramatic...hema malini ishtyle ~

namru: ~lookin away (read lookin at some hunk)..~.thinkin"phir shuru ho gaye dono ke dono!!!"

Yes ppl yes...when me and chanky get together...we automatically switch over to the super melodramatic mode..but namru obviously lacks this quality which only a talented (read crazy in the head) chosen few possess...!!
~namru sings crazy kiya re~

Screw dheela hai re!

Me and chanky then proceed to blackmail namru into buying us a coke and burgers...

namru : haan haan roz main hi treat deti rahoon na? khud to kabhi kuch khilao mat

me & pri: arre khilaya toh tha...yaad kar 6-7 months pehle kisne 20 bucks ki pepsi pilayi thi????? bol bol
namru: ~frustrated......head held in hands.....cursin the moment she met us .....mistaking us to be the shy , timid , silent kind....ha! ~

~blackmail continues~
~histrionics continue in full fervour~

me: aaah.....oh god....!!!!

chanky:~ holds my hand~.....sabr karo sab theek ho jayega..... (i loove bollywood!)

namru: chup ho jao dono ke dono....
lati hoon coke , burgers ,sab laati hoon.. khush?

Me and chanky wink at each other...
When namru's outta earshot ,
me:chanky are we really nasty?....hamesha namru se paise nikalvate hain...

~extreme melodrama...theatrical behaviour....total bollywood ishtyle~
chanky: kyaaaa???? kya kaha tumne...ek baar phir kehna

me:hum bahut nasty hain kya?.....always making namru the butt of our jokes

chanky: ~indignant look~ tumne aisa soch bhi kaise liya ki hum nasty nahi hain?

~uncontrollable laughter~
(c'mon im inluvwithlaughter !!)
Namru comes with the tray ..

I grab the cola....convinced that it will cure my tummy ache....

Food finished......and our crazy talk begins.
me: aaaaaah!!!!!! agar mujhe ek aur coke nahi mila toh i may not live to see tomorrow ...

chanky:namru yaaar....jaa ek coke le aa...

namru: ~glares at us~....ghar jaa rahi hoon main ....tang kar rakha hai dono ke dono ne

me&chanky: theek hai chali jaa ..kaun mana kar raha hai?...bas wallet chod jaa!

me & chanky:~ we burst into peals of hysterical laughter that make ppl stare at us... ~

namru: tum dono kabhi serious kyon nahi hote???

me & pri: abbe chup kar!

Basically , the things we say to namru are:
1)treat de de!
2)treat de de!
3)treat de de!
4)treat de de!
5)treat de de!

Things namru says to us:
1)dimaag mat khao
2)aaj paise nahin hai
3)hamesha main hi treat doon kya?
4)arre chup ho jao dono ke dono...huh!
5)theek hai ..theek hai..kya chahiye?

So , today we had
1) bag of potato chips 2)two icecreams 3)a pastry 4)a bottle of thums-up 5)bhel-puri 6)nestea
7)burger 8)coca-cola 9)Mc-Puff 10)icecream (again!!) 11)french fries
We left the place..with my tummy ache no better....!*sigh*
And i realised that i had to drive yet again in this heat...with my tummy hurting like hell... and the middle finger of my right hand bandaged...huh!

p.s.- sorry if u didnt find this post funny , you've got to witness our histrionics in person for that
p.p.s.-sorry if u didnt understand much of what i wrote , you've got to be a lil umm..funny for that .
Btw we're not that nasty and stingy....
we did pay for our share ok? we believe in goin dutch.....
.....when we fail to get namru to pay!!!!hahaha!

namru , you're very sweet...thank you yaar.....
ab kal treat dena tu!!!


Chanky, thank you yaar...aise hi hum dono ek hi team mein rahe....toh khoob aish karenge!!!

Btw , the conversations aren't exactly accurate cos i really dont remember who said wat....i mean of course namru was the one who was always protesting ...but mine and chanky's dialogues may have gotten mixed up...! lol!
For , those of you wh dont understand hindi...i'm sorry i cant bring myself to type out the translations of every thing we said...!!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

You're the best...

When I fall short of words,

what do I do?

You've always had the right things to say to me

If only..

I could offer the same to you...




Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is that all there is to a woman's life ?

Is that all there is to a woman's life?
Whether you're a mother , daughter or wife?
Actually , its the look in those eyes
that raise a thousand questions in my mind...
that makes me distrust 'man'kind
In those placid eyes ,
There's a plethora of emotions
waiting to spill out...
Only a blanket of melancholy holds them back
But thats all thats needed to cast doubt....
As you wonder..
Is that all there is to a woman's life?
Whether you're a mother , daughter or wife?

Cos you dare not let those tears spill forth
For fear of eliciting scoff
For fear of being admonished
"Crying..thats all you women are capable of!"

No gender bias , is what they say
But its still a man's world
Cos its the women at whom
demeaning questions are continually hurled..

When there's no consideration & no respect
And life in itself is circumscribed
You can only wonder
what would've happened
had there never been any precept
by which to abide..

And finally when the tears give way to effusion
It makes you think that maybe..
Its a moment's weakness that lays the foundation for a crippled future
But then again ...maybe not
Maybe that moment of weakness was evoked
by the hope for a better tomorrow...
The hope that fails to give in...


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Its Lettuce !

What's the big deal , you'd say...but apparently the guy behind the counter at Subway begs to differ.
An hour or so , back i returned from Subway and i do love the food (read sandwiches ) there but of course i'm not writing this post to discuss the menu....there are far more pressing matters that beg my attention...so read on...
So , yes, here I am looking chic and smart (as always ! ha!) , looking like an intellectual à la mode ( ok , ok I've lavished enough self -praise upon my craving self... haha!) and i walk up to the counter and this is an excerpt of the conversation:

Me : Make it one chicken teriyaki , one chicken meatball and one chicken hotdog...all six-inches.
(No dear readers no....I did not consume all of it alone....but dont let that make you think that I aint capable of doin so! hahah!)

Guy: *nods*

Me: We'll also have cookies and mountain dew to go with it...

Guy: Ok
*pause* *I look around*
Guy: Would you like all the regular sauces ma'am?

Me: ( Why sweets , would you like to serve me anything special? ) Yes...
Ummm..No cabbage please....

Guy: .......................

Me: What?

Guy: *Smirks*Its lettuce , ma'am ..
*smirk smirk smirk*

Me: *Cough* Lettuce ! *smartass huh!*
Oh yes ..of course... I mean.. no lettuce , please..
*smartass smartass smartass*
Shredded lettuce and cabbage look alike , you know.....
Oh c'mon.....stop laughing your ass off..... that is , if you aint smirking yourself!


The Girl

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