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Peaceful LIFE.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is that all there is to a woman's life ?

Is that all there is to a woman's life?
Whether you're a mother , daughter or wife?
Actually , its the look in those eyes
that raise a thousand questions in my mind...
that makes me distrust 'man'kind
In those placid eyes ,
There's a plethora of emotions
waiting to spill out...
Only a blanket of melancholy holds them back
But thats all thats needed to cast doubt....
As you wonder..
Is that all there is to a woman's life?
Whether you're a mother , daughter or wife?

Cos you dare not let those tears spill forth
For fear of eliciting scoff
For fear of being admonished
"Crying..thats all you women are capable of!"

No gender bias , is what they say
But its still a man's world
Cos its the women at whom
demeaning questions are continually hurled..

When there's no consideration & no respect
And life in itself is circumscribed
You can only wonder
what would've happened
had there never been any precept
by which to abide..

And finally when the tears give way to effusion
It makes you think that maybe..
Its a moment's weakness that lays the foundation for a crippled future
But then again ...maybe not
Maybe that moment of weakness was evoked
by the hope for a better tomorrow...
The hope that fails to give in...


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