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Peaceful LIFE.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can't afford to lose...

Life's toughest battles are those ...

..which rage on within us...in the battlefields of our minds....

..against our own selves...

....and these are the battles we can't afford to lose....

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wah Wah Jaipur !

This is a message that I receieved on orkut from one of those people who "want to make frandshap with me" :

WAH WAH Jaipur...
Woh Hazratganz ka sama, woh Chowk ki chaat,
Woh Mini Mahal ki ice cream, Wah usme thi kuch baat.
Woh Ram Asrey ki mithai, woh Madhur Milan ka dosa,
Woh Marksmen ki pav bhaji aur Sharma ka samosa.
Woh rikshaw ka saffer, woh Nimbu Park ki hawa,
Woh Buddha Park ki raunak aur Dilkusha ka sama.
Woh January ki kadake ki sardi, woh baarishon ke mahiney,
Woh garmi ki chuttiyan, jab chute te they paseeney.
Woh holi ki masti, woh doston ki toli,
Woh Janpath ka mahol, woh Gomti ki leheren,
Woh BoatClub ka nazara, Wah uske kya kehene.
Woh Aminabad ki galiyan , woh IT ki ladkiyan.
Woh Novelty ki balcony aur woh Bajpayee ki pooriyan
Woh Aryan ka Chinese,woh Roverse ka styl
Woh school ki life aur woh College ki Zindagi,
Woh Polytechnic ka rasta aur woh Canteen ki patties ,.
Woh Bhootnath ki market,wo highway ke dhabe
Wo Puraniya chauraha , wo Charbagh station………
Itna sab keh diya par dil kehta hai aur bhi kuch kahoon
Wo shehar hain mera apna, jiska naam hai
J a i p u r

Reading this message made me think "Either I'm an ignorant fool or this guy probably hasnt even heard of Jaipur"....
...because , the funny thing is I haven't really heard of most these places . The 2-3 places that sound familiar aren't really part of the main city.I mean is this guy even talking of Jaipur????
Charbagh ?Gomti ? Boat club???AMINABAD??????

Whatever happened to The City Palace , The Amber Fort , Nahargarh????

Jal Mahal , Chokhi-dani , Moti Doongri, Albert Hall ,Hawa Mahal , Statue circle?????

Bapu Bazaar or even M.I. road for Godssake!?!

This guy cannot be from Jaipur ....that was perhaps just another attempt by just another stranger to impress me and "win my frandshap" !!!

P.S. I haven't been to all the aforementioned places (except M.I road & Bapu Bazaar and all shopping areas , of course ) since ages!!!!! (read nearly 8 years or so!!!)
BUT I love my city!!!! I really do!

P.P.S. - The Albert Hall which is around 120 years old has been closed down to the public for a year due to renovations and all...
And I got to know AFTER it got closed down ...AND the last time I went there was in 1998 !!!

Where was I all these years?!?!?!?

Correction : I just spoke with Ankna , who by the way is now living in Mumbai , and she told me that the road opposite Vidhan Sabha was sometime back named "Janpath"
Ahem err.. ok. *cough* .



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