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Peaceful LIFE.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

If only...

If only ..
It weren't all written in blood...
My eyes ,
These tears would never flood.....


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Coming outta my shell with a diwali update and a movie review..!

Hey there everyone .Hope you all had an awesome diwali..!
A lot has been happening..and no , you dont wanna know all of it.
So well , diwali is my favourite festival..simply because I love lighting diyas...and I love the way all houses look all lit up with little diyas...lending it a splendour that is almost hard to believe...and it makes me feel wonderful...I love it when its 6-30 pm ..its dark and I'm in the balcony lighting diyas...and the wind caresses my cheeks and blows through my hair and the glow from the diyas light up my face...and I look around and see a city rejoicing in the festival of lights...the burst of starry sparkles from rockets and the deafening boom of the ladis , the sweet shops thronged by people , the entire city comes alive and the celebrations just leave you enchanted.
Yesterday we guys decided to meet up before our hols get over...and I go meet Yashika and Tunisha....and well, yes Yashika , yes its true me and Tunisha did manage to gobble 4 (small)pizzas and 2 bottles of coke. And no , no Yash no , the pizzas were fresh and not leftovers haha
(sorry , if you couldn't get it ..., a personal joke that was.)

Coming to other things I watched , Jan-e-mann ...Yep the movie that got released on diwali and no , I am not a fan of Sallu , I do not lust after Akshay (he's not lust-worthy :p) and I'm not in awe of Preity's dimples...so obviously I wasn't planning to go for this movie.Don was what I wanted to watch...but couldn't get the tickets.
Now , coming back to this movie ..I have just one word for it.FRIVOLOUS.Yes , that is what this movie is.Whimsical , frivolous , this movie's a great way to waste your time and money (on tickets and popcorn) . Do not , I repeat, do not go for this movie even if you get to watch it for free.Its the worst thing after Anthony Kaun Hai in the category for movies that look to be pretty good or atleast worth a watch. And of course preity zinta just takes the cake for perfecting her act of the estranged , single , working mother braving the bitter winds of dejection and rejection , looking at male chauvinists in the eye , before finally finding a nice husband who's either boy#1 who's completely metamorphosed into prince charming once more or someone else.Kya kehna , Chori Chori Chupke Chupke ,Salaam - Namaste , KANK , and now Jan-e-mann. Preity , you act well and you know it, so please for goodness sake , give us a break.P.L.E.A.S.E.
Coming to Akshay kumar.Why is it that bollywood has this propensity to portray studious , hardworking (maybe a little geeky) people as bespectacled , clad in clothes that I doubt anyone would wear these days , complete with crooked teeth and braces ? Only one advice. GROW UP Bollywood.
Then comes Sallu baby , I'd say his character has just an iota plus one difference compared to all other roles that he's played...! Muscle flexing , machismo - oozing guy (minus the shirt) who first loses it all and then embarks on a journey to get back everything he lost.
And by the way , whatever happened to Anupam Kher.That wonderful actor has been reduced to a midget named Bonny Singh and all efforts at humour only manage to draw a little half-hearted laughter from me.
And so what happens when Sallu loses Preity and tries to hitch her up with Akshay with help from Anupam Kher , and finally realisation dawns on everyone that no , no Sallu and Preity are made for each other( but hey I already knew that , so that makes me smarter than you) , is a movie that makes you think once more that why on earth would anybody waste time and money and energy on something so devoid of everything that makes a movie worth a watch.


Thursday, October 05, 2006


Needles of pain
Are stabbing me again…
You don’t deserve my trust,
Because the bubble has burst…
I wish we hadn’t met ..
So there’d have been no room for silent regret..
I wish I could change things
And then I wouldn’t have to bear the sadness that it all brings…
I wish life had been different
So that I wouldn’t always have to relent
I wish , I wish,
I wish for so many things...

Thank you , thank you for the compliments. This poem ..penned down by me today itself , completely describes what I’m feeling.So don’t blame me since I’m going on an ego boosting spree.. cos I think I need it ok..? All judgemental people may leave.
Now, everything has to get screwed up…over n over again. I've said this before and I'm saying this again-
What the hell kind of a screwed up life am I living by the way…?
All those thoughts of escaping are again storming my mind…
One thing starts goin right and another is on its way to getting all screwed up…..
So well lemme begin by saying that I may not be perfect but I am good.Very.Very.Good.
I’m not a cheap , multi-faced chameleon changing colours at the drop of a coin….ok? Gotit..?
I rock . I.Simply.Rock.
Yesterday I got up 1 hr later than I was supposed to and had around 35.47 minutes to get ready…but I managed to get ready , put on my lenses , eat a lil’l , find an ironed shirt in my cupboard ,which seemingly has more junk than wearable clothes,.. and managed to grab my books and other stuff…..plus also managed to race my way through the traffic….and reach on tim. Plus I managed to survive more than 12 hours on nothing but 1 glass of millk and a little rice that I’d had in the morning,thanks to a seemingly endless practical that was followed by walking in this harsh , sweltering , scorching heat to get pages photocopied , followed by a work-out that evening and also studies…ending the day finally at almost midnight.
So all in all… I ROCK..? Gotit , smartass.?
U know what… the phrase “the cosmos conspires” just keeps going through my head .Its something I read in a poem back in class IX …Anyway….this seems to befit the situation.
Plus I have , on my stay on this lovely planet occupied by not so lovely people.have finally reached the conclusion that most people out there are conniving , selfish chauvinists and egoists.. hiding behind a façade and using manipulative tactics to have their own way..….but know what I’m smarter than u…whether u like it or not..I can see right through your not-so-greatly coordinated act . Pity pity..! I despise you ! Oh yes I do!


The Girl

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