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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Its Lettuce !

What's the big deal , you'd say...but apparently the guy behind the counter at Subway begs to differ.
An hour or so , back i returned from Subway and i do love the food (read sandwiches ) there but of course i'm not writing this post to discuss the menu....there are far more pressing matters that beg my attention...so read on...
So , yes, here I am looking chic and smart (as always ! ha!) , looking like an intellectual à la mode ( ok , ok I've lavished enough self -praise upon my craving self... haha!) and i walk up to the counter and this is an excerpt of the conversation:

Me : Make it one chicken teriyaki , one chicken meatball and one chicken hotdog...all six-inches.
(No dear readers no....I did not consume all of it alone....but dont let that make you think that I aint capable of doin so! hahah!)

Guy: *nods*

Me: We'll also have cookies and mountain dew to go with it...

Guy: Ok
*pause* *I look around*
Guy: Would you like all the regular sauces ma'am?

Me: ( Why sweets , would you like to serve me anything special? ) Yes...
Ummm..No cabbage please....

Guy: .......................

Me: What?

Guy: *Smirks*Its lettuce , ma'am ..
*smirk smirk smirk*

Me: *Cough* Lettuce ! *smartass huh!*
Oh yes ..of course... I mean.. no lettuce , please..
*smartass smartass smartass*
Shredded lettuce and cabbage look alike , you know.....
Oh c'mon.....stop laughing your ass off..... that is , if you aint smirking yourself!


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