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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Of busy schedules , certified freaks and marriage...

Hey hi everybody..!
Its been really long since i last blogged. More than a month .Phew..! Except of course for the previous post...
Theres lots to talk about...but a warning! this is again gonna be a post without any central theme or topic....read at your own risk..

Topic #1 Why I hadn't blogged for so long.
I was busy people. yes u heard me right BUSY,...! dont be surprised ok? ***cough cough***
(internet at home wasn't quite working)..hee hee..
Yep watever ..but I also was busy busy busy studying studying studying... for a change ha!
I couldn't believe it . I was actually sleepin for just 4-5 hours at night ...would be up at 5am with my head buried in my books....(nevermind that i'd fall asleep again , an hour later hee hee)
but if u know me , you'd know what a great achievement it is for me to actually get up that early and study ...cos the last time I stuck to all my rigid time-tables and study schedules and followed them religiously was back in grade X...
I think my inability (which I hope to conquer) to get up early in the morning and to persistently ignore more than 10 alarms going off at blood-curdling decibel levels deserves a separate , special blog post. * yawn*

Topic#2 Certified freaks are NOT welcome.
Tell me people , tell me . Tell me the truth. Get ready for a smack, a karara thapad in case you are foolish enough to say yes .Is this what is written all over my face :
"Certified freaks , this way please"
I do not understand why and why , of all people ,do I get to deal with the weirdest of all. Such a rich collection of namunas. Mainly guys. And thats what frightens me . Am I that bad...? No ways.. honey! I'm good , I'm conscientious , I'm courteous (yeah like .01 % of the time) and I'm way better than you. So I wont let good-for-nothing wannabe metrosexuals stamp all over my pride and self-esteem.
I'm sick and tired of rolling my eyes.
I have decided to honour perverts and other freaks by awarding them with the distinction of being "A Certified Freak".

Enter the Hall of Shame
*begin drum roll*
The freaks enter...
Mr. G
Mr. Anon
Mr. D
Ok thats the no. of freaks for now.
Here I was, chatting with Yash , telling her about a guy called G. Thats what I shall refer to him as.
Ok there was sumthing that upset me ..and I was actually first chatting with Ankna.....and there she was tellin me "Hey relax ...dont let it get to you ..." but no , I can be real paranoid at times. I call up yashika ...and spill my guts out and she goes like " Kya certified freak hai yaar! "
Ok now that caught my attention....
Here goes a BIG hug and thanks to anku n yash for always being there.

Ok Now , there's this Mr. Anonymous who's been kind enough to comment on my posts .
Comments thats are objectionable.
And comments that I couldn't care for any less.
My , my what's the world coming to .

MrD . I dont know you , you dont know me. Wow! So you wanna know more about me.Ooooh! I'm soo thrilled.Thrilled? Thrilled, my foot. You think you're a dashing , cool metrosexual , nay? I'll tell u what I think.I think you're a Beckham wannabe , donning John Abraham like sunglasses , thinkin you're lookin uber cool ..when actually you look like a fish that's been drenched in water...(ok thats kinda ironic) and left out to dry. Yep so I'm NOT flattered when you approach me. Rather it makes me doubt my own personality. But no , women everywhere please listen up ....most men aren't really worth your self doubt.So never ever let a useless freak of a guy come and trample your confidence and self -esteem. Short or tall , thin or fat , dont deprive your deserving selves of all the good things in life for those men who aren't worth all that.
Get married , get into a relationship , but be S.M.A.R.T. Yep , Oprah , that line'll stay with me forever. Thank you.
Certified Freaks, please use their head or someone else's and Q.U.I.T.
Although that shall lower your esteemed status in the Hall of Shame but you shall be eligible to apply for the "Improving Freaks" category.Hope you make it.

Topic #3 Marriage and me
I watched this Oprah Winfrey show which basically centred about how not to lose your self in the process of sustaining or sculpting a relationship and/or marriage.
And the big question mark in my mind regarding arranged marriages got even ... bigger.
An arranged match or not , every woman deserves to find a guy who respects her for the person that she is , without stripping her independence and freedom just to feed his own ego.
Yep , be a man , in the true sense and throw your chauvinistic tendencies out the window and lock that bloody window.

Topic#4 Explanation
Ok now reverting to topic #1 again , the fact that I hadn't blogged for quite a while included the folowing reasons:
1) busy schedule
2) writer's block
3)tensions, frenzied phone calls to anku n yash
4) laziness
Why I am blogging now:
1) hadn't blogged in ages
2)had lots to write about
3)read Mahi's post.
I think that says it all .Thank you , Mahi.

P.S. Thanks all for bearing with me. Hahaha.


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