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Peaceful LIFE.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Feelings expressed...

Is it any wonder?

a little cold,
a little betrayed,
a whole lot fresher,
some part decayed...

a little happy,
a little hollow,
so much peace
in exchange for sorrow...

a little bit of hope,
bittersweet as it is
wasn't the fairest trade
but I settled for this...

a little to forget,
a little to forgive,
a whole lot to remember,
reminisce and relive...

courtesy : Drops of Jupiter

This is with reference to the Disgusted post ...ok so i tried to pen down whatever i was feeling but i found it hard..words couldn't quite capture what i was feeling...i was hurt , angry , crying felt cheated and confused all at the same time...and it all had to happen just a day before my b'day...and then I go visit Jups' blog...( thank you sweets) and I read this poem that she's penned down...and its as if she met me and spoke to me and penned down my state of mind in her words..literally... and so here is the poem...
Ok so u shall notice a few lines that I have typed out in bold italics..cos these are the lines that are like 200% accurate...the rest being 100 % accurate... :)

I sometimes wish it would be easier for me to stop thinking abt those who've hurt me the most..to stop reliving old times..and stop caring ...but what do I do ? I'm only human...
I know at times I can be cold as ice and rigid as a rock...
And I know that I have an indomitable will...and if only I choose to exercise it fully and completely will you understand the true extent of it
And you know what...

I may forgive but I'll never forget.Never.


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