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Peaceful LIFE.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random things....

Things of note
1) getting my eyebrows threaded and tweezed and in perfect shape makes me feel wonderful people …makes me feel beautiful…………so much so that I look at the mirror every 2 seconds and admire my perfectly arc shaped brows…..
2) playing up my eyes with kajal whenever I feel like it…also makes me feel great..simply great…………..
3) combing and styling my hair every 5 mins also makes me feel happier..irrespective of the length of my hair…..i.e. to say I used to do so even when I had a boycut …!!!
Having said random things ….lemme move on to other random things…..
- did a blood test t0o ….”did” as in doing an agglutination experiment during pracs today and no not that wala blood test which u get done at a diagnostic clinic
- why doesn’t it rain ..why oh why…..?
- I don’t even have the time to go thru the newspapers….
- Aaand before u say anything lemme tell u that I am good at managing my time….
- I don’t feel like watchin movies…why don’t I feel like watchin movies..?
- I'm expecting someone’s call and tht someone wont call…damn you, ‘someone’
Relax ppl , be patient...lemme explain....Thepreceding para in is italics cos i typed it yesterday but did not put it up here ......now its been 24 hours more or less...and well there have been quite a few changes....
-today i excitedly put on gloves in the lab ..but hey all that excitement vanished when i realised that we are to scrub and wash and clean petri plates and test tubes and beakers and conical flasks.....yes ppl yes the ones that are used to culture microbes...
-it rained ppl it rained real heavily today.....!
-i have jus enough time to glance at the headlines..
-i am still verry good at managing my time
-i watched golmaal today and knw wat.....i jus didnt like it.......
-i spoke to 'someone' :D
see see...soo much changes in jus a day but what wont change is my enthrallment with the mirror , my laziness :p aaand my being in love with myself.......


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