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Peaceful LIFE.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How do I title this..?

Have u ever had a dream which was so vivid , that it was almost true..almost happening in front of you ..to you...that when u open ur eyes ...u find ur lashes wet with tears....with a few more rolling down your cheeks...a dream so incredible that were it to happen in real life it would completely overwhelm you , stun you and shock you into silence..absolute silence punctuated only by your cries.....with her arms outstretched..trying to reach out and hold onto something that is no more hers...someone who is no more hers.....although deep down in her heart she does know that the life she lives is due to that someone....and she is being torn away from her very roots......she falls on the floor,her entire life crumbling to bits....and then again, those same outstretched arms trying to reach what has come her way....trying to figure things out....bringing upon changes so profound...they reduce the bold and outspoken girl to nothing more than just a child , drenched in tears.....raining down on her being...pleading with her eyes for someone to hold her and comfort her .... and when finally the tears dry up , the eyes are wide open staring into the darkness...thinking about the dream that was so vivid , it was almost real...being thankful for all that there is....and letting go of the longing for all that there isn't......


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