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Peaceful LIFE.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I've recovered

Please note -
Last test was today...
Finally the horrid stomach ache gave way to poly bags full of semidigested foodstuff thrown out by my revolting tummy...! yes I puked my guts out...!! stomach aches and my tummy are having one nice affair .. I somehow managed to sleep at 2 am....and got up at around 5-30 am to get back to my microbio books....hmph! and by the way may I mention that I swallowed exactly 8 tablets plus 2 hajmolas plus 2 antacids not to forget one home remedy plus applying a balm .....all this to absolutely no avail....!!!I'm beginning to think that maybe it was tummy ache #2 rather thantummy ache #1....I've been eating out a lotttttt....!yep all the pao-bhajis and colas and noodles and raj-kachoris and this n that bling and blang ...all that junk food is the culprit.....but anyways now I'm fine , thank you
p.s. I've lots to write about...but right now I'm feeling just too lazy to do so... but thou needn't worry cos this aint gonna be a long wait..... :D


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