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Peaceful LIFE.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My tummy-ache-prone tummy...!!

arrrghh!!!! i'm having this useless , uselss tummy ache thats driving me mad.......ok ..so for all those ardent fans and followers of my blog lemme specify that this is tummy ache #1
i gotta a microbio test tomorrow..and this tummy ache wont let me study......man oh man..! what do i do..? ive jus studied one topic ppl jus the bacteria....the viruses and fungi and algae beckon....but this stupid , stupid tummy ache is making me wanna scream out LOUD ..!!!!! aaaah!!!!

thats it for now...cant type nymore.......pray for me...!

p.s.- for all my fans out there who're worried abt the cry-cry baby kinda posts that i've been writing ..lemme let u know that all is well in laughter-land...the tears have dried up ..,the waters have receded ..and there is sunshine again......



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