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Peaceful LIFE.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One year old !

Yay !!! My blog just turned one today !!!
Happy birthday dear blog !!!

A small digression (but not quite , really) :I have this tendency to remember dates... you know.. dates as in....umm ..like...you know...
argh! You get it , dont you??

Like , for example , exactly a year back , I had come back from Shimla.... and OMG ..... as soon as I landed in Delhi.... man !!!!! It was as if someone had just tossed me into an oven....
After enjoying Shimla's lovely weather, the heat in Delhi hit me so bad ...I actually thought I might be having fever !!

Then , on our way back to Jaipur...me being the foodie that I am...I was looking forward to stopping at Haldiram's at the Delhi -Jaipur highway...!
So what if it was just 8 am.?????
But ...alas... Haldirams was closed ...!! Can u believe that??
I was totally heart-broken !

Finally , at 8 am , we had no other option but to go to McDonald's....!!!

I finally reached Jaipur...my ear aching and the heat getting increasingly unbearable , the ac not making much of a difference.

That very night , back at home in Jaipur , I wrote my first post.

That very night , I had this weird dream...and well , it wasnt totally inexplicable .
I could figure out and interpret the hidden meanings.

Man , 1 year has passed by in a flash!!!

I've got to know so many people through this blog. Its wonderful , you know.

A lot of things have changed and a lot are still the same....


I think..I've changed..in a few, subtle ways...
My outlook and perspective on a lot of things have changed.
I've learnt a lot of lessons...some of them , in very hard ways.

So enough for now. I'm sleepy.
No , no ..Ive got to study.
The heat is too much. I need to sleep..I mean study ! Argh!!!
Anyway , have a nice week ..or whatever is left of it...lol!

And yes , Happy birthday once again , my dear blog!
Here's to many more posts about me , moi , myself!!!



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