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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Random Things Part 2

Heya long time….i just felt like I have to blog about something..and u know what this might be a very long post……and a very random one too…this n that ..bling n blang..hence the title…and yeh read it only if you've nothing better to do

Random thing # 1
I told myself ..
That I wont miss you..
And its not you that I miss..
Its your touch…

Courtesy saltwater blues..
The above lines just keep going on and on in my mind…I read these lines for the first time…and somehow it struck a chord..its simple and yet has such intensty..without any metaphoric jargons..it just feels so close to your heart….these lines run thru my mind all the time…..during lectures…while driving…when in the shower…all the time…

Random thing # 2
Funny habit # 123 : tall cute girl’s showering ..its 7 am….and and she laughs and laughs and laughs like crazy..laughs her head off…and you know why cos all sorts of funny things come to my mind when im showering…..every and any kind of funny incident that happens.. somehow the images flash in my mind while im in the shower..and I burst out laughing ..clutching my stomach and laughing away..

Random thing # 3
Coming to talk about stomach…..i was just reminded about that post I wrote about tummy aches….and their love for MY particular stomach…and also how you guys just kept laughing your ass off..huh!
That’s the sympathy I get from my frends haan..?

Random thing # 4
Something …
You’ve got something I cant resist…

Relax ppl relax..i typed this line cos this line from shakira’s song c/a something..was just playing in my head…I did warn you that this post is a random random one….ha..!

Random thing # 5
Tall cute girl’s birthday is coming…now when I went bday shopping..i didn’t quite get anything I liked .and when finally I checked out every shop in the city did I find dresses of my choice…so with tht problem solved I have another problem on my head…which outfit do I wear on the big day….?
I now have new black trousers…new capris…new yellow white kurti…new light blue shirt… new red knitted top…new white n pink shirt ..new black-silver-grey tshirt…..
So if u guys out there hav any suggestions on what I shall wear ….pls feel free to comment…

Random thing # 6
WHY THE HELL don’t I get down to studying…? Whats wrong with me..?

Random thing # 7
There’s this girl in coll ok…lets call her P..so whenever she'd walk by and if i'd happen to look at her and there wud be something thatwud kind of disturb me…u knw like the feeling you get when u wanna itch ur arm but u cant quite figure out where exactly the mosquito bit you…so well I finally realized that this girl even when walking all alone …sported a kind of smile…not a full fledged one..but a kind of umm..half- smile….with a look in her eyes that I cant quite describe…and it seems like she has some sort of info or secret that no one knows about ..and she’s just enjoying the fact that she is the sole holder of information no one else has……yes that’s the look….

Random thing # 8
I sometimes think about how superficial and absolutely pretentious people can get…there are people who’ll tell lies with more confidence than they’ve ever spoken a word of truth with…ppl who've been told off a 100 times for their stinkin attitude…I think some of them probably are miraculously unaware of the fact that IT SHOWS that they’re nothing but well a bunch of people desperately seeking attention….well..you all SUCK! And knw what u’d understand this if only you didn’t have the attention span of a 2- year old….

Hmm… on that note….I’ll sign off… tee hee..!


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