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Friday, June 08, 2007

Exam time eccentricities

Hello people!!!
I know , I know I havent updated since ages...but believe me I had my reasons!
Reason no. 1 being exams and reason no.2 also being exams!!

Okay , so I was all set to take my exams from the 1st of june , but riots and disturbances in my part of the country resulted in exams being postponed and your highness' moods crazily swinging back and forth , from being happy one moment to getting totally pissed off the other.
So , finally , everything has calmed down...and well , I am having to sit for my exams...which by the way, had been indefinitely postponed !
Sadly , this indefinite period lasted for a week which was both , a good and a bad thing.


I don't think I can ever forget the zillion phone calls we made and non-stop text messaging we did , trying to contact everyone and anyone who had the slightest inkling of when the next exam would be held.

But study , we must.

I'm doing most of my serious studying at night.
And after 2 minutes of intense studying (blank staring , actually ) , I absolutely need to take a 2 hour break to get refreshed.
Yes , honey , thats me!

So what do I do?
This is what I do , priority wise:

1) I indulge in doing absolutely nothing at all.

2) I , purposefully , walk across my room , at 2 am , proceed to my dressing table and then I apply makeup!
Yes , that's right.That's exactly what I do. I will go on to use all sorts of eye shadows in all sorts of bizzare manner.And whats the excuse I give myself?
"There's a wedding in the family. I need to perfect different looks right from now.Hence the daily practice."

3)Earlier, another thing I used to do a lot was eat at all times, 12am , 1 am , 3 am.I have stopped.There's a wedding in the family . I need to get in shape.

Also , just as I got to know that my exams have been postponed , I go shopping.The reason being:
There's a wedding in the family.I need to look great.I just have to find the perfect dress for myself.Hence , the shopping spree.

The other day , I start feeling sleepy at 1 a.m .
So , I tell myself :

"Look , if you're sleepy , you cant concentrate and keeping the lights on , you'll only be wasting electricity. And , we must save electricity.We absolutely MUST save electricity. So switch off the lights. (and hit the sack)"

And I ACTUALLY , turned off the lights and slept!!!!!
I chuckle to myself whenever I think of this.

One thing my Dad always tells me is:

"Look , you need to sleep for atleast 7 hrs , you know. Only then will you feel fresh and study well.Only then will you be able to attempt your questions well. "

And , my Dad , has been telling me this same thing with great conviction right from the time I had my 10th grade board exams. Therefore , in the rare occasion that I give up on my beauty sleep, the only thing that bothers me is :

"OMG , what if I fall asleep in the middle of the exam??? What then?? Who's gonna wake me up???"

Another thing of great importance and even greater consequence:I am, most of the time , incapable of hearing alarms.I may set a zillion alarms , I may ask a zillion people to call and wake me up , but no, I am my Daddy's girl , I will not sacrifice my sleep time.Hence , all kinds of alarms blare out at blood-curdling decibel levels at all kinds of ungodly hours .
Result :Everyone in my house is up and awake.

Everyone except sleeping beauty.

There's a wedding in the family , I cant let my light dark circles transform into dark dark circles.I absolutely need my beauty sleep.

But , I'm a great friend. If you have me as your friend , you're lucky. Really.The other day , Yash calls me up saying that she absolutely has to wake up at 3 am. I say " Done baby ! I'll be studying till 3 am so no probs." What I forgot was that my 2nd exam as well had been postponed and hence , I wouldnt stay up that late.

But , no my friends , I actually stay up till 3 am and wake up Yash.
So what if, for timepass till 3am , I tortured sane , unsuspecting people into a tedious, 3 - hour long sms conversations with me ?

I am a loyal friend.

Basically , through this post , all I'm trying to say is:
I'm a lazy bum . I need my beauty sleep. But Yash , I woke you up.
I'll be looking forward to the treat. :D

P.S. The " wedding in the family" is actually gonna take place after almost 2 months.

P.P.S. Yash , you're a darling. I'll get my much deserved treat, of that I'm sure.
But , the next time you ask me to wake you up at some ungodly hour , please also remember to ask me if I do have any reason to be awake at that time.


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