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Peaceful LIFE.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Reason for Being & The Purpose of Life

I don't exactly remember when was the first time I'd pondered over the purpose of life but I do remember having my first open discussion about God and life back in 10th grade.

A lot of the questions that would flood my mind were:
What is the purpose of life?
What, after I finish my education and start working? Will there still be anything left to strive for?
Why are certain things the way they are , for no fault of mine?

They say everything happens for a reason.This is something I never really gave much thought to ,during my intermittent ponderings, trying to demystify the purpose of life.But I guess its true.

There has to be and most of the times there is, a reason behind the lives that we lead , the things that we do and the people that we are.I refuse to believe that the only purpose of our lives is the perpetuation of the human race.It is something deeper , it has to be.

There also has to be a reason behind why I'm leading the life that I am and why you're leading yours.I refuse to believe our particular lives have been randomly assigned to each of us.

These past two years there have been times when I wished I could just walk away.There were times when I was jovial and laughing as always , on the outside but on the inside there was only one resonant question that made me crumble and filled me with helplessness - "Why me?"
But I've changed, in ways that are not very obvious, I've grown and evolved.
Its a simple thing:
If there's a reason behind a certain idea or thing , then it makes sense.

Its a small , maybe even childish, example of the events of Thursday.
On Thursday , I shampoo-ed and conditioned my hair, wore a sober dress, met with namru and we decided to take a car , checked my cell phone to find 5 missed calls from M.I called him at just the right time to make it to an important seminar where I came across this cutie-pie-speckie guy!
The point is , there was a reason why all that had happened , happened else-

If I and M hadnt exchanged phone nos. the previous day I wouldnt be writing this post in the first place.

If I hadnt shampoo-ed my hair i'd have looked not-too-great.

If I'd worn a low rise pair of jeans with a T-shirt having a cheeky statement stamped across it, I'd have looked completely out of place.

If I'd checked my cell phone even 5 minutes later , I would have missed out on the event.

At that time it seemed like a series of coincidences but it took me a little while to realise and appreciate the fact that there was a reason behind everything.

There are also times , when I terribly miss Lagos and I wish we had continued staying there but I know that I would never be the kind of person I am and that I would've been blissfully ignorant, had it not been for the experiences that I've had in India.

There are a couple of other examples as well but they're too personal for me to blog about them just now.
I realise that although I'm nearing the end of my post I still am no closer to demystifying the purpose of life but I now truly believe that there has to be a reason behind everything and there is a purpose of life.

P.S. -- The cutie pie guy wasn't supposed to be at the event in the first place .It just so happened that his boss couldn't make it.Therefore , I truly , truly believe that the reason why all those things happened on Thursday was , so that we could meet! ;)

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