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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Random things - Part 3

The reason i havent updated since such a long time is - YASH. Yes , so please direct all hate mail her way!
Anyway , since my last post , a lot has happened..a lot has changed...!
1)Yash was in town a few days back. We had a LOT of fun talking about school days and everything that has followed...!

2) I have drastically cut down time spent online.

3) These past few days i have been sleeping for 3-5 hrs each night!

4)Im in love with organic chemistry , AGAIN!

5)I have been thinking a lot about the purpose of life and if there really is any reason behind things.

4)I have been having a splitting headache every other afternoon....

5) This heat is too much for me to bear!!!

6) I'm trying to figure out why exactly am i having splitting headaches...cos im not skipping meals...i consume bournvita and cornflakes everyday..and u knw what they say

"Tan ki shakti , man ki shakti , bournvita...!!!"

"Naye kellogg's cornflakes , ab iron shakti ke saath...dimaag chale tez , bahut tez"

I love cornflakes and they're fat free!
Maybe , im thinking to much about the purpose of life and all that.
Maybe i was sleeping too less the past week....but hey! although im trying to continue the trend ....sleep is catching up on me...!
So , it has to be the heat....yup! when its 8 a.m and the temperature is 32 degrees celsius , you cannot expect the day ahead to be like a day spent on the Swiss Alps.

Anyway , tuna jus called....heres the conversation we had :

Me : hey-lo...

t : hi...

me : oh god!!

t : what ?

me : im having a splitting headache...since morning....!!

t : what is wrong with you? whenever i call u're having a tummy ache or a headache...baat nahi karni toh seedhe seedhe bol do...ok?

me:oh shut up

t : get urself checked...go to a doc u silly woman!

me: oh pleees...headaches toh har kisiko hote hain....and tummy aches also..im not the only one..

t : har kisiko headache hafte mein 3 baar nahi hote..

me : wrong...hafte mein teen baar nahi...hafte bhar!! hee ha ha!

t :take some medicine...

me : dont be stupid! by the time the medicine works the headcahe will be gone anyway..
t : mujhe cake khana hai..

me : toh khao

t : toh you bake me one

me : hmm....i will...i will...

t :and btw do call me up sometimes..

me :hmm...i will....i will..when my headache's gone i will...

t : hmm....that means never

me :how cheap!

t : ok..that means you'll call when you're 80
but hey that's not possible..at that age you'll be dealin with a number of other pains as well...

me: get lost...you rude female!!!

Since i live by dates...i.e to say i remember the dates of lots of things....for ex:today the 11th of april , 3 years back , i was on a train from coimbatore to agra , a trip which included some 40 school girls , 2 teachers and A LOT OF FUN!!!!!!
I still have the itinerary...and that trip was a very memorable one...There was also a lot that happened apart from fun...!
I will definitely blog about it sometime soon.
The year 2004 totally rocked!
Anyway , here's a random pic...there's this barista logo fused with the lights of the buildings across the road..i kinda like the pic ..Had clicked it when I and yash had met up..

Anyway , have a nice time and miss me..!

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