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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Of a special someone , thunderstorms and threaded eyebrows!

I haven't updated since almost 3 weeks....but if ..only if you happened to check my blog on saturday evening you would know that i did actually write up a post.I was missing a lot of people ..a lot of things...a lot of places.... wasnt feeling very good.....and miraculously..that very evening one of the persons id mentioned in that post called me up.
It lifted my spirits instantly ...it made my day(or rather what was left of it!)...and i promptly took off that post the very next day!
So part of this post is about that certain someone....!
I had last spoken to this certain someone during diwali....followed by a short conversation in december and after that ...just a grand total of 3-4 text messages exchanged last month .That's it. Nothing after that.
Absolutely nothing.
And realising the same made me sad...
And when i recieved the call on saturday night...i was absolutely delighted!
This certain someone(CS) , has been my laughter buddy!
CS is the only one who comes verry close to being inluvwithlaughter!
CS is the one who understands and laughs at my jokes.
CS is the one with whom i can communicate through missed calls!
CS is the one who ..i can go on and on and on....
But CS is soon gonna be in town....
I just cannot wait!
For more info on who CS is , whether CS is hot or not, single or not .....all i can say at the moment is - Wait for my next post!

Coming to other things, yesterday , for no particular rhyme or reason , the evening suddenly turned very very windy ( 60 kmph) , it started raining very heavily .My folks were out ...and when they came back i was told that billboards & hoardings were damaged and some trees uprooted!
Today , while i was in another part of the city....my folks call up to say " hey theres rain and hail (yes thats right hailstones!) and its jus very windy..be careful!" Now , i was surprised esp. since it definitely wasnt raining where i was..and there definitely wasnt any hail vail..there !
Now , while i was away , my mum and bro decide to go out in the garden and collect the hailstones that had fallen.. Dont ask why cos i have NO idea why they did it...! Maybe it was so that they could show it to me!
Anyway , heres a pic !

Now dont even ask me why I clicked that pic !

Moving on to other things....i have realised that there are people who are outright rude and have the nerve to say the most annoying things over and over again. People who are so thick-skinned they refuse to catch the subtle hints and the not-so-subtle ones that you drop .One such person is Miss . Cheeky.

Just for the record , i'd like to mention that i have very nice eyebrows, almost perfectly arc-shaped, i dont even know why i get them threaded!

For the guys who dont know (Tch tch!), girls usually get their eyebrows threaded/tweezed at a beauty salon.We take pains to look good , you know!

So , Im sitting here talkin to U and N , and miss cheeky has to butt in ...and say,
miss cheeky : .....
me: ~raise my eyebrows~
me : what?
cheeky: ~points a finger at her eyebrows ~
I think its high time you get your eyebrows threaded!

YES , THIS is what that cheeky , thick-skinned girl says to me.....and she's said that not once , not twice but thrice ever since i've known her which happens to be not very long!

This girl has the nerve and audacity to tell ME to get my brows threaded and tweezed! HOW DARE SHE!
The girl whose eyebrows look like a 2yr old tried to draw 2 rod-straight bold lines with a useless black felt tip pen , has the nerve to speak to me like this!

You young (fool of a) lady! If i have my brows threaded 5 nanoseconds before i meet you , theres no way ill run back to the salon 2 nanoseconds after you've made one of your utterly asinine remarks!

I dont even know why i have been polite and courteous enough to ignore you all THREE times.
Next time you decide to open your big mouth , i have a good mind to let my anger take over and and give you an earfull!

Shampoo , you hair for a change, its not a bad idea you know!

Haul your lazy self to a beauty salon , for a change!

Get yourself waxed, for a change!

Try to throw away those stinky sandals and buy a nice pair of trainers , for a change!

Try giving your rod-straight brows some shape , any shape , for a change!

Get lost , for a change!!!

Thats enough i guess.....
I'll let you know if miss cheeky is improving or whether i am soon going to have a chance to lose my cool....!
Also , next post is gonna be all about CS...
Till then , have a good week and miss me!!!

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