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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Breaking news !

March 25th 2007 , India

Exclusively_she and Yash have been gripped by irritation , crankiness and an inexplicable desire to just be left alone.There is a reported 60% fall in day to day energy levels coupled with an excessive urge to browse through old pics and ponder about the purpose of life .

Exclusively_ she , with her vast and unquestionable expertise in the field of tummy aches, has denied any underhand involvement of PMS although , in a conversation with Yash , the transcript of which is in exclusive possession of the author , confessed that it just might be PMS.The role of the same is being investigated amidst heavy controversy and debate.
In an exclusive interview with the author , exclusively_ she and her team of experts at the WPO (Weird People's Organisation) , said that these symptoms would , under other circumstances, be attributed to the approaching exams and the lack of time being spent at the study table.. , but in this case its their presently next-to-zero social life and lack of time being spent at their official hang out (name of lounge withheld on request).

An unnamed official from the WPO said that this fever of lethargy and laziness strongly indicates a prolonged (read 3 day) abstinence from a hearty breakfast of toast+scrambled eggs+cornflakes .But whether or not their laziness is an inborn trait remains a debatable issue.

Another close friend reveals "Nice manners , good behaviour and sweet hellos have been thrown out the window with a vengeance. They are the new age angry young girls. We have been trying hard to instill some sense into their heads but it seems like they've locked the windows to their heads and lost the keys..."

It may be safely assumed that their work outs are not working out since they are running low on endorphins , not to forget the adrenaline or rather the lack of it.

Currently their list of do's and dont's includes :

Do's include:

1) Avoiding home cooked food; increased dosage of junk food.
2) Sleeping 12 hrs a day (thats not a new thing!).
3) Day dreaming and blank staring.
4) Going on movie watching marathons.
5) Consuming unimaginable amounts of coca-cola.
6) Letting laziness take over their body , mind and soul (that's definitely not a new thing!).
7) Giving more attention to the texture , colour and size of leaves of the tree outside their window than their study notes.

Dont's include:

1) Not studying developmental changes of amphibian & lizard embryos just before going to bed in order to avoid nightmares.
2) Not letting blood-curdling decibel levels of 10 consecutive alarms disturb them and at the same time doing their bit of good by gettin the rest of the neighbourhood up and awake at 4.30 am.
3) Not letting the rebuke of friends whose status on messenger says "Busy" affect their
exemplary exasperation- evoking eccentricities.

No drug or vaccine has yet been developed for the same but experts suggest the following precautions:

1) If you are not a member of WPO , then keep distance.
2) Do not interrupt their all important day dreaming sessions.
3) Do not call them at ungodly hours.
4) Do not expect your calls to be returned.
5) If you see us in tears , a hug ( and even a blank cheque ;)) will do. No preaching required.
6) People with a tendency to start preaching shall receive a karara thapad .
7) In event of an overdose of their eccentricities, stay away till you have recuperated .(A blank cheque will keep them away and hence speed up your recovery.)
8)Do not panic.This too shall pass!

Officials have been trying to assuage fans and friends of the duo but it seems like there is still some time to go before things improve.Meanwhile , we will be getting you the latest updates live from India . People privileged to be on their messenger list shall be informed personally.

Statutory warning : Talking/chatting too much with the two is injurious to health and /or wealth.

Disclaimer: This is purely an exaggerated figment of the author's hyperactive imagination and bears resemblance only to the lives of Yash and the owner of this blog.

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