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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A new template , an incident and movie reviews!!

Hi there people..!
As you've noticed , I now have a NEW TEMPLATE..!!!!!!!! yay!!!
Ok , i'd picked and selected and fell in love with this template ages ago....but had to edit , modify and introduce somethings to make it a little more personalised.AAaaand as everyone knows i suck at computer languages including html which was why it took me ages to finally change the template .And no , im still no good at html but i shan't forget those who helped me understand lines and lines of mind-boggling gibberish . Not that I couldn't understand any of it by myself , there's something called common sense as well. Yes , so Silvara , was the one whose blog i visited and discovered blogskins and chose my template and i must've asked her a 100 times how did she go about doing blah blah blah.....and i almost feared that if I were in front of her she'd give me an earfull but of course , she didn't .Oh , and Apoo ....the computer and/or s/w wizard/ genius/whatever who would come up instantly with the link of some self help html websites almost magically when I'd ask him something .....life saviours those sites were...!!! Thanks, guys!

Now , there's one thing thats been bothering me although i tried to push it to the back of my mind and ignore itbut its something that got me thinking about people in general and their way of perceiving things. Not that it bothers me in a big way , its more like the buzzing of a fly that I can't ignore.Ok , maybe thats an overstatement but I know and realise the fact that I'm not perfect .No one is .I know what my flaws are ...at least most of them anyway and the fact that other people , people whom i hardly know , consider themselves wise and perceptive enough to know how I feel and in return feel sorry for me...yes sorry . Yup , thats right . Sorry. You may just dismiss this as one of those things that I'm taking too seriously .But no , I mean just imagine , something thats part of me , my personality , is something weighty enough to compel sorrow from someone who's a complete stranger and sorry is the last thing that it makes me feel . In fact , it disturbs me how easy it is for others to judge someone and dole out shallow remarks with such unconcern.Even though it may have been done unknowingly , i really dont know what to say....
Now moving on to other things, I watched Salaam-e-Ishq and Guru with a gap of a day in between. And heres the verdict:
Salaam -e-ishq is nothing but frivolous crap.All i liked was the Vidya Balan -John Abraham track.what was the director thinking by the way , casting 6 couples in a movie with a story that has no head , no tail???? And of course he couldn't quite do justice to any of the separate tracks/stories.

But Guru , Guru , Guru is really worth watching . Amazing movie , most of the songs are pretty good and of course Abhishek's acted really well. Even Aishwarya was good.

So thats basically all for now...and since quite a few of you have aske dme to update and do so more frequently , lemme tell you , that I shall definitely continue to fill you in on my life and times !
Till , then , take care and be good...!
p.s. whats this label stuff all about , by the way?


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