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Peaceful LIFE.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I think of.....

It feels….
Bad at times to say goodbye
you know that a goodbye means a long wait
But a long wait means looking forward to meeting that special someone again…
Its nostalgia that grips me..
I revel in the bitter sweet mood of the moment ….
I revel in the reassuring embrace of my loved one
I think of all beautiful moments when I’m lying alone in my bed..and sleep eludes me…
When its just me and my memories
A little sugar , a little spice..
I think of the humbleness and humility of my those closest to my heart…
There may be a lot of bad..but there much more that’s good..
I think of how much a hug , a smile ,a little gesture can say..
I think of those eyes ..
I think of the childish chatter….
I think of how things will be ten or twenty years down the line..
I think of how uncertain life can be..
I think of the games that life plays…
How one moment we can be laughing a child-like carefree laughter….pure n sweet..
And how the other moment things can go topsy-turvy..
I think of how much I cherish so many moments where im in the moment …living thru it..and I know that it is some thing that’ll stay etched in my mind forever…
Something I know ill think of in the years to come..
I think of how we may misunderstand so many people….
I think of how denying myself an extra kebab or an extra bar of chocolate didn’t really make me feel wistful
I caught myself before I could feel completely so…and I decided to just enjoy the moment..
I truly truly wish the best for all those dear to me..
I think of the fact that tomorrow is the last day of my life as a teenager….my 20th year starts day after tomorrow
I know that years later when I read this entry again..I’ll remember how I got a lil confused as to whether turning nineteen means the end of your teens and stepping into the 20th year or not….
I think of how my life would have been had I been born as someone else…
I think of a lot of things…
Lots of splashes of colours on the canvas of my life…
I’m trying to figure out the bigger picture…trying to form some kind of recognizable image from the colours that have seemingly been carelessly sploshed on that canvas that’s my life…
Trying to see how the colours blend into one another to form a beautiful portrait I call life…, my life...


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