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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Unwanted guests, marriage and me

There are lots of things that irritate me……and you know what the biggest thing is? Its havin bin-bulaye mehmaan (uninvited guests) at ur place ….as well as the bulaye mehmaan (as in ppl invited by ur parents some of whom I have not an iota of interest in meeting)
I mean for godssake….!!!!!! In all these years of my existence on this planet I’m sure my parents must have figured out how lazy I am …and jus how stubborn I can be……so how come they expect me to help around with the dinner preparations for the guests I just don’t wanna meet…I mean just imagine…..sitting there with astupid , silly smile plastered on your face……back straight, hands on your lap….answering every stupid, silly question with a stupid, silly smile and expected to jump to your feet everytime a guest makes a stupid, silly demand.
“Oh my…..you’ve grown soo tall..the last time I saw u, u were this small……”
The stupid ,silly smile is still on my face…and I nod my affirmation..Now exception is , that if the same thing is said by a guest I like then I’ll flash my million dollar smile and think of how cute I was back then and how much more cuter I’ve become.
“Aapki beti kitni badi ho gayi hai…(oh your daughter has grown up) we’ll soon have to find a groom for her….”..and the aunty goes on to chuckle
With another stupid , silly and falsely shy smile ,I roll my eyes..and then glance around fearfully to make sure nobody saw me…now exception is that if the same thing is said by someone I like then I’ll definitely go on to express my love of wearing exquisite expensive sarees…..and that I don’t quite mind looking for a rich ,hot, handsome and intelligent guy who’s madly in love with me …aaand who loves me for the person I am.
Now there are guests who’ll say “ Arre aapne itna sab kuch kyon banaya…” (meaning..”why did u take the trouble of preparing so much food” and then they procede to gobble it all up..with 2-3 helpings..and leaving without as much as a compliment….or a thank you….
Another thing ….why on earth am I expected to immediately bond into a friendship of a lifetime with each of my dad’s friends’ children. I mean for gods’ sake …….!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad wud say “ hey this is uncle’s daughter/son say hello…why don’t u talk among urselves…You’re more or less the same age na..” And mind you same age can mean an age difference anywhere b/w 1-10 years

Now I really feel like I’m all tied up ….and suffocating …with a scream on the verge of escaping from my gloss-bathed lips….everytime I speak in that false, false tone with sugar dripping from every word ..
Now mind u ..its not ALL the guests that bother me…ok ?…Its like I’m glad truly glad when somebody whom I really like and wud love to talk to anytime comes over ….or if im meetin that somebody after a real long time also some of my parents friends are really interesting people whom u enjoy havin a meaningful conversation with..but its those “vella” type guests that I dislike…..But ppl whom I like, I’m not at all pretentious with them…..I’m jus my same old spontaneous ,laughing self and u’ll knw..
Coming to talk of weddings , whenever I happen to a go to a wedding or any other wedding type party(I hope u get it)….I can really feel ppl eyeing me…eyeing me as a prospective bride…I mean sure ppl I’d love to get married to a rich and handsome and intelligent guy……but I can surely do without having to feel like something on display in the marriage market…I mean yeh im tall and cute aaannd single but u know what…I’m in no hurry to get married…Btw why is marriage considered to be the sole purpose of a girl's life …I mean why is “settling down” synonymous with getting married…there are loads of other things that count…)and yeh ..I do wanna get married to a rich- hot -handsome-intelligent guy…cos marriage means a truckload of lovely exquisite sarees…and lots of occasions to wear ‘em ……not to forget that I shall b the center of attention…( I love myself and am materialistic, hence proved)…..

P.S. I write this with guests in my house and me sulking …

P.S. None of the guests have got kids along. Thank goodness for that !

P.S. If you’re hot- rich- intelligent aaand single…..then……join the line sweetheart ..;)

P.S. yes ppl , yes , intelligence is a turn-on.


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