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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Its all about me..darling...!!!

Now now ....I know my fans have been waiting for another post ... Be patient people , be patient..! Haan toh , those of you who know me also know how narcissistic I can be ...and you will also vouch for the fact that I love myself ...despite all my flaws..(not that I have many hehe) I so love myself...its not like I always was like this...but its happened more recently u know...I no more wish to be like anyone else...(well atleast most of the time..)and so here is something Yashika wrote about me....now she says its almost accurate , I'll say its almost accurate ...so here it is...hold your breath people.....

After a lot of procrastination, I finally managed to get myself to sit down and write this testimonial for Priyanka. Yes, I had been procrastinating for a while now because the idea of penning down my views about this convivial person was a little overwhelming! Priyanka is a self-obsessed, 'materialistic' and jovial football-maniac, with a fascination for anything remotely 'handsome'(care to enlighten the world, dear gurl?!)
Met her in school and it's been five wonderful years of knowing her. A generous sweetheart, she's always open to others' views and advice. A budding engineer with a penchant for writing, she's a magician when it comes to words(a rare combo, I must say!). A person who will brighten any place with her mere presence, it's always a pleasure spending time with her. A balanced individual who has set definite priorities for herself …and a person with a confirmed enthrallment with the mirror! Loves posing for pics ! Put the idea of blogging into this mind of mine and also offered company in this wild pursuit! I person you can look up to for understanding and solace.Words betray me when I try to describe this wonderful individual…I'm just glad that our paths crossed once in this lifetime!
Love and prayers always… May you achieve what you desire for, cause I know you deserve it! -22nd june 2006 -05:10pm

Now I invite all those who know me to comment and compliment me and tell me wat they think about the way I am .....not that it'll change the fact that I'm in love with myself if you point out a few bad things about me...! But hey they're hardly any....ha..!


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