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Peaceful LIFE.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Beautiful Day...

.Its a beautiful day …
I wish it would just stay…
The rushing breeze , I mean
Golden rays filtering through the screen
As I sit in the cool shade of trees
Sometimes its the music
A certain song…
Reminding you of the one for whom you long…
The one who came out of nowhere….
Who was always there
But escaped your eye…
Well , its not like he didn’t try….

It’s a beautiful day
I wish it would jus stay
The sunshine lights up my face
And again I think of that place
That day , that time….
Was it all part of a pantomime…..?

Its not love ..its not lust
Just a longing for someone she’s begun to trust….

She goes to him , for there is something he has to say..
Events and incidents flash through her mind…
Yes it does make sense….
The stares and glances
Were they mere chances..?
Its happens again…..
This time she does not refrain….
Their eyes meet for one fleeting instant
The spark, like an electrifying current

It’s a beautiful day….
I wish it would just stay
Now it’s the memories of another day….
With nostalgia ..they mingle and play…

She smiles and sings
And thinks of all the things…
Her face awash with
the radiant , rosy glow that it brings..
Its when the sun sets at dusk
That the feelings linger
And she’s left to wonder
Is the dream over yet,….?
But this isn’t one she’d like to forget…..

So she waits for another beautiful day,
Those moments make a home of their own
In a little corner of her mind
Where she knows what she’ll find
‘cause that corner when she visits
She finds little tid-bits
Of bitter- sweet memories
And she thinks of all those times she said ‘cheese’

A smile slowly lights up her face….
As the sun sets, only to resurface
With another beautiful day……

P.S. no ppl no , I'm NOT in love


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